Research Students and Graduates

ACCELL is focused on research and research training.  We are proud of our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD), and Master degree research degree students who come from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, education, human resources, IT, engineering) and professional backgrounds (e.g., teacher, psychologist, manager, counsellor, engineer, trainer).

Confirmed Doctoral Candidates
Jody Appleby
Cristy Bartlett
Andy Bell
Jens Boernemeyer
Jason Brown
India Bryce
Malcolm Choat
Andre Degreef
Lorette Hargreaves
Laura Healy
Michael Healy
Clayton Lawrence
Kellie Lumsden
Amanda Martin
Col McCowan OAM
Elli Riley
Etienne Roux
Rebecca Trimble-Roles

Doctoral Graduates
Dr Rebecca Black PhD
Dr Janet Buchan PhD
Dr David Bruce EdD
Dr Matthew Capp EdD
Dr Allison Creed PhD
Dr Jonathan Green PhD
Dr Nadine Hamilton EdD
Dr Jameel Hassan EdD
Dr Pamela Hawkswell EdD
Dr Szuzsanna Horvath PhD
Dr Kristen Lovric PhD
Dr Jennifer Luke PhD
Dr Brad McLennan PhD
Dr Nicole McDonald PhD
Dr Kate McMillan EdD
Dr Greg Souvan EdD