ACCELL, the Australian Collaboratory for Career Employment & Learning for Living, is a research and research-training team based at the University of Southern Queensland and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

ACCELL’s program of research addresses the role of dispositional traits (e.g., FFM personality) and characteristic adaptations (e.g., career optimism, career adaptability, self- efficacy) in individuals’ engagement in their work in all settings, and their learning in, through, and for work.

Research training takes place within the Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, and Master of Education degrees offered by the University of Southern Queensland. Our researchers and supervisors are experts from different branches of psychology, and other disciplines and research traditions.


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The ACCELL research team is proudly multidisciplinary.  Our research is influenced by the Psychology of Working (Blustein, 2006, 2013), which is interpreted by specialists whose disciplines include psychology, education, and linguistics.

ACCELL supports the Australian Research Council directive for interdisciplinary research, which it describes as “research that traverses or transcends disciplinary boundaries and which synthesise or integrate methods and knowledge from multiple disciplinary domains”.


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