Research Streams

1. Employability: Theory and Pedagogy

The Employability stream is focused on the psychological (non-cognitive) factors that contribute to individual adaptive capacity and employability. A major project within this stream is the construction of the Australian Graduate Employability Scale (A-GRADES) which will be an omnibus psychometric measure of the multidimensional construct, employability, that can be used by students, university personnel (e.g., career practitioners, work-integrated learning specialists) and researchers.

2. Vital Infrastructure Workers

The Vital Infrastructure Workers stream investigates the psychological and social qualities of occupations that are vital to the economic and social health and wellbeing of rural and regional communities. A major project within this stream is the Vocational Psychology of Agriculture—Farming Food & Fibre (VPA-FFF) which is focused on farm-related occupations and work that includes investigations into the motivations of cotton farm-workers (funded by Cotton Research & Development Corporation), and STEM occupations that span from professions (e.g., agricultural engineer) to trades (e.g., diesel mechanic). Listen to ACCELL’s Carolyn Alchin describe the Journey of Toast.  This little video highlights the vast array of work and occupations in agriculture that we may take for granted.

3. Narrative Career Identity: Theory and Method

The Narrative Career Identity stream involves investigations into the role of narrative and metaphor in the composition and formation of individual career identity. A major project in this stream is focused on narrative approaches to career counselling, assessment, and learning.

Your Research

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