Older Canadians at Work

Are you living in Canada, 65 years of age or over and engaged in volunteerism, paid work, caregiving, or a combination of these activities?

Our understanding of career development throughout the lifespan is evolving. In Canada, as in other industrialized countries, people are staying connected to the workforce and are remaining active in their communities well beyond traditional retirement age. As the Canadian population ages, it is more important than ever that we understand the career needs of individuals aged 65 and over.

University of Southern Queensland Master of Education candidate Danielle McCann is seeking Canadian survey participants in a study of career adaptability among older workers.  This capstone project will contribute to ACCELL doctoral candidate Jennifer Luke’s international study of post-retirement age career development. Under the supervision of Professor Peter McIlveen, Danielle’s research aims to provide data that can inform services and counselling practices and interventions for older workers in the Canadian context.

The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete. If you are willing to participate or know someone who would be, here is the link to enter the survey:

Work, Retirement, and Mentorship Survey

This research project has ethical approval from the University of Southern Queensland (Human Research Ethics Approval Number – H17REA101) and all survey responses are anonymous.

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